Visit Rio

Relax and have a beer on the iconic Ipanema beach of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is home to some of most amazing beaches in the world 

Twenties Diver

A stylish twenties woman in a retro bathing suit dives into a crystal clear pool. The ultimate

New York

The pinnacle of the Art Deco architectural period The Empire State Building still reigns supreme in New York City 

Visit Cairo

Unchanged since the twenties, when Howard Carter was busy in the Valley of the Kings, the Great Pyramid of Giza 

San Francisco

Built in ’69 San Francisco’s iconic Transamerica Pyramid is one of coolest skyscrapers going. 

Visit Japan

– With fast transport of the day being a key source of inspiration for

Los Angeles

The epic view of the sprawling desert basin of Los Angeles surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountain range. 

Visit London

– Playing on the geometric shapes of London’s various landmarks, Visit

Bon Voyage

An original design by contemporary illustrator Henry Rivers; the